CJCC Inmate Reintegration Committee

"Reducing recidivism utilizing effective reintegration practices, ensuring collaboration among community-based support services."

I. Committee Members

  • Barbara Levin Bergman - CJCC Inmate Reintegration Committee Chair*
  • Delphia Simpson - Public Defender Manager
  • Julie Chaffee - Director of Community Corrections*
  • Rick Visel - Director Correctional Services
  • Scott Patton - CJCC Staff/Facilitator
  • Kevin Bulifant - Employment Training and Community Services (ETCS) Workforce Invesment
  • Ruby Smith - ETCS Community Programs*
  • Deb Pippins - Supervisor Project Outreach, Community Support and Treatment Services (CSTS)
  • Michael Echlin - 22nd Circuit Court Probation*
  • Ruth Shabazz - Shelter Association of Washtenaw County*
  • Karen Korte - Corrections Lieutenant
  • Gary Greenfield - Corrections Lietenant
  • Kirk Filsinger - Jail Commander*
  • Sheila Blakney - Senior Assistant Public Defender*
  • Diane Davidson - Director of Development/Finance, Washtenaw Housing Alliance*
  • Steven Hiller - Prosecutor Representative
  • Penny Ryder - American Friends Service Committee*

*Voting Member

II. Committee Charter

To view the most recent draft charter for this committee, click here.

III. 2006 Meeting Minutes

1/11 (10:00-11:30 a.m., Annex First Floor Large Conference Room)

1/30 (2:00-3:30 p.m., Annex First Floor Large Conference Room)  

IV. 2005 Meeting Minutes


3/02 (Cancelled)

4/08, 4/14










V. Inmate Reintegration Documents Consulted

  • Ingham County Inmate Reintegration Model (Draft) - "Best Practice" Draft Model in Discharge Planning to Prevent Homelessness developed by Ingham County's Ad Hoc Committee on Discharge Planning

  • Macomb County Prisoner Re-entry Program Memo- The M.A.C.O.M.B. Project is a precendent-setting and innovative collaborative re-entry program to prevent homelessness of, and to develop job opportunities for offenders being released from prison.  This program promotes a smooth transition from prison to the community through a network of support for offenders and assisting them i becoming self-sufficient and ultimately prepared to live independently.

  • Systems Map  - Process mapping of local justice system in Washtenaw County developed by Joe DeGraff (Community Corrections, Case Manager) in 2002 (subject to review and change)

  • Gap Analysis - Gaps in the system that prevent an inmate fully reintegrating into the community as identified by the committee.

  • Committee Report - Final report which outlines analysis and recommendations as submitted to the CJCC.

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