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True North Recovery Substance Abuse Residential Program

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Growth Works, Inc. provides residential substance abuse programming at the Washtenaw County Youth Center.


Proramming consists of:

  • Three program phases: evaluation, commitment, and action.
  • Three hours of substance use treatment service per day: two hours group therapy, one hour didactic, and didactic exercises on weekend.
  • Integrated family component: intervention, family week, and family sessions as needed.
  • Community based family group once per week.
  • Assessment and relapse prevention services provided.
  • Coordinate care between probation officer, therapist, doctor, etc.
  • Therapeutic home passes.


Clients will...

  • Develop an understanding of the cycle of relapse
  • Identify the core issues that impacted their substance use and delinquent behaviors
  • Identify how their life had become unmanageable due to substance use
  • Develop a timeline of their substance use, consequences, and life events.
  • Develop recovery-based behaviors
  • Develop life skills
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