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Swimming Pools & Hot Tubs

Swimming pools present a hazard to occupants of the home and neighboring occupants. In a effort to minimize this hazard there are specific requirements in the code. Listed below are the major requirements for pool guards and enclosures as required by the State Building Code. This list is not all inclusive and is intended to be a guide for the permit applicant for planning purposes.

What is the definition of a swimming pool?

A swimming pool is any structure that contains water over 24 inches in depth and which is used or intended to be used for swimming or recreational bathing in single family homes. This includes hot tubs, above ground, and in-ground pools.

What are additional plan requirements for swimming pools?

Zoning Approval Site Plan - Showing home, pool location, septic system and well, property lines, enclosures and other safety devices. (Pull down ladders are NOT approved an safety device.)

Health Review -  Required if pool is located on property with septic system.

Cross Sections - In-ground pools and above ground pools with deep ends require a cross section drawing showing a profile of the pool. Diving boards shall be described and dimensioned (board height 1'8" or 1/2 meter). Details of the construction ( footings, wall support, etc.) are required.

What are the required inspections for swimming pools?

(not necessarily in this order)

  • Footing - The organic material (grass and humus) removed, hole excavated, ready for concrete or pool erection.
  • Final - After all work is completed, Min. 4' high enclosure, gate, latch and or alarms. See 2003 Michigan Residential Code -- Appendix G.
  • Electrical - Required if any electrical is permanently connected to the household wiring service. underground trenches  must be inspected for depth prior to concealing.
  • Plumbing - If connected to household water service Plumbing permit and inspections required.
  • Mechanical - If pool is heated with any system other than solar heating, mechanical permit and inspection required.

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