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What inspections are required for my Plumbing Permit?*

Washtenaw County Building Department enforces the 2000 Michigan Plumbing Code. Inspections required:

  • Sewer (including private sewer from house to tank) and water service inlets.
  • Underground, before covering. (Subsoil Inspection is conducted by Building Inspection)
  • Rough, before any work is covered.**
  • Final
*Trade inspections can be done in conjunction with another inspection on the same permit without an extra fee. For example, more than one inspection can be performed per trip (same trade only) and the cost will be the same as one inspection. The fee is charged per trip.
**Most manufactured homes only need final inspections, because they have been approved at the factory. Exception: Work to the manufactured unit that has been field installed and will be covered must have a rough inspection.

What are common violations noted in Plumbing Inspections?
  • Horizontal venting below flood rim.
  • Approved nail plates not installed.
  • Supporting drain and water lines to code.
  • Separate sewer and water service to proper distance.
  • Underground plumbing and sewer shall have continuous bedding with clean fill.
  • DWV (Drain Waste Vent) fittings not used in proper applications (using tees in place of wyes and vice versa).
  • Testing all plumbing and water lines to code: 5lbs. on DWV - Water working pressure.
  • Sewer lines concealed prior to inspection.
  • Access to basement and home.
  • Water Hammer arrestor for all quick closing valves, (dishwasher hot water line and hot and cold water laundry).

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