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What electrical inspections are required for my Electrical Permit?*

Washtenaw County Building Department enforces the 1999 NEC (National Electrical Code) with State Part 8 Amendments. Inspections include:

  • Temporary service
  • Permanent service
  • Underground, before covering
  • Rough, before any work is covered**
  • Final
*Trade inspections can be done in conjunction with another inspection on the same permit without an extra fee. For example more than one inspection can be performed per trip and the cost will be the same as one inspection. The fee is charged per trip.
**Most manufactured homes only require permanent service and final inspections, because they have been approved at the factory. Exception: Work to the manufactured unit that has been field installed and will be covered must have a rough inspection.

What are common violations noted during Electrical Inspections?

  • Permanent service; too much conduit or cable inside of  building, 5 foot or less. Article 230-70 (A)
  • Firestopping; upper / lower plates and cold air returns that wires pass through. Article 300 - 21
  • Wires running with cold air returns not sleeved. Article 300 - 22 (C)
  • Spacing of outlets 6 foot and 12 foot Rule. Article 210-52 (1) (2)
  • Spacing of outlets kitchen counter tops 24" and 48" Rule. Article 210-52 (C) (1)
  • Outlets installed on peninsula and island space. Article 210-52(C)(2)(3)(4)
  • Access for pumps on Jacuzzi type bathtubs, shall be accessible without damaging the building finish. Article 680-72
  • Outlets that need to be GFI (Ground Fault Interrupted) Protected. 
    • All kitchen counter plugs.
    • All accessible outlets in garage.
    • Exterior outlets.
    • Outlets in unfinished basements.
    • Bathroom outlets.
    • Outlets within 6 foot of wetbar.
  • Depth of underground cable or conduit. Table 300-5
  • Closet lights location to shelves; 6" from shelves for fluorescent, 12" from shelves for incandescent.

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