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November 6, 2007 Proposals

Ypsilanti City


Shall Ordinance No. 2007-1065 adopting the Uniform City Income Tax Ordinance, which:

 imposes an annual rate of income tax of 1% annually on corporations and resident individuals, and 0.5 % annually on non-resident individuals who are employed within the city.

 allows a $1,000 exemption for each individual and dependent with additional cumulative exemptions for individuals over age 65 and for individuals with qualifying disabilities.

 exempts income from pensions, Social Security, annuities, disability payments, and other qualifying sources of income

 becomes effective July 1, 2008, and

 expires July 1, 2014

be approved?

YES  _____

NO   _____

Ypsilanti City Council adopted Ordinance 2007-1065, Uniform Income Tax Ordinance, subject to voters approval.  The purpose of the city income tax is to increase revenue and expand the tax base.  Without a revenue increase, city administration projects that additional service cuts will be required to balance the budget for fiscal years 2009 and 2010.  City administration projects that revenue from the proposed income tax would allow current service levels until at least fiscal year 2012.  According to the Plante-Moran Income Tax Feasibility Study commissioned by the city in 2005, the income tax would generate approximately $4 million in annual revenue from 10,600 non-residents who work in the city of Ypsilanti and 11,400 working city residents.

If the income tax is approved, Ordinance 2007-1067 adopted by Ypsilanti City Council reduces the city property tax rate by 2 mills.

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