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Washtenaw County Ordinances

For additional information on Washtenaw County Ordinances, please contact the Washtenaw County Clerk's office at 734-222-6730


Ordinance Enabling Resolution
Amendments to County Well Regulation 04-0029
Onsite Management, Treatment and Disposal of Wastewater 08-240
Open Space Ordinance (Natural Areas Ordinance) 00-0155
Pollution Prevention Regulation (formerly Right to Know) 92-0264
Pollution Prevention Regulation (amended) 94-0158
Purchase of Development Rights 04-0089
Regulation Addressing Clean-Up of Environmental Accidents 92-0253
Regulation Addressing Roadside Dumping and Littering Control 92-0237
Regulation for Privately Owned Community Sewage Systems 07-0107
Right-to-Know/Toxic and Hazardous Substances 86-0102
Right-to-Know/Toxic and Hazardous Substances (amended) 87-0121
Right-to-Know/Toxic and Hazardous Substances (amended) 90-0064
Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control 97-0158
Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control (amended) 99-0068
Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control (amended) 03-0249
Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control (amended) 11-0068
Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control (amended) 16-033



Ordinance Enabling Resolution
Clean Indoor Air Regulation 02-0241
Clean Indoor Air Regulation (amended) 03-0029
Clean Indoor Air Regulation (amended) 15-0058



Ordinance Enabling Resolution
Accommodation (amended) 15-0168
Living Wage 01-0234
Community Mental Health and Public Safety Preservation Millage Expenditure Policy 17-146
Medical Benefits for Certain Retired County Employees and Their Eligible Dependents 08-0130
Purchase Prior Years Service 96-0305
Revisions to Certain County Policies and Odinances 03-0250



Dog Licensing

Ordinance Enabling Resolution
Dog Licensing



Cost Reimbursement for Drunk Driving

Ordinance Enabling Resolution
Drunk Driving Cost Reimbursements 03-0253


Historic Districts

Ordinance Enabling Resolution
Historic Preservation 00-0124
Delhi Bridge 07-150
Esek Pray House 00-0230
McMahon Springs 04-0144
Merriman Farm 04-0193
Old Zion Parsonage 03-0243
Kramer-Kuebler-Adler Farmstead 17-194
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