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November 4, 2015 Ways and Means Agenda

                                              WAYS & MEANS COMMITTEE
                                                        November 4, 2015
                                                                 6:30 p.m.
                                      Administration Building - Board Room
                                                       220 N. Main Street
                                                      Ann Arbor, Michigan

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I. Roll Call
II. Citizen Participation
III. Commissioner Follow-up to Citizen Participation
IV. New Business
A. Land Use & Environment
 1. Office of the Water Resources Commissioner
 a. Middle Huron Watershed Water Quality Education Outreach Grant
    -Ratifying the signature of the County Administrator on the application
 To the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
 For the period of July 1, 2016 through September 30, 2018
    -To provide training to teachers to increase student awareness and knowledge of watershed pollutants, connectivity to the Great Lakes, and behaviors that impact water quality
-To provide rain garden design assistance for outdoor classroom opportunities
    -This is the first application for this particular grant
    -For a total program of $64,477
- Federal Revenue: $28,376
- County In-Kind Contributions: $35,741
-Additional General Fund contributions : $0
    -Indirect costs are reimbursed at 10%, totaling $2,395
    -Upon receipt of the award:
- Authorizing the Administrator to sign the Notice of Grant Award
- Amending the budget
- Authorizing the Administrator to sign delegate contracts
B. County Administrator
 a. 2015 General Fund Budget Adjustment
    -Authorizing a third quarter budget adjustment to reflect the necessary changes that have occurred since the modification of the budget on September 16, 2015
 b. 2016-18 Budget Reaffirmation and 2019 Recommended Budget
    -Reaffirming the third and fourth years of the adopted 2014-17 quadrennial budget
-Approving the 2018 and 2019 Adopted Budget
V. Report of the Administrator
 1. 3rd Quarter Budget Update

2. 2015 Budget Enhancement Process and Results
VI. Report of the Chair of Ways & Means
VII. Report of the Chair of the Board
VIII. Items for Current/Future Discussion
IX. Pending
X. Adjournment
Next Ways & Means Meeting
November 18, 2015
Board Room
220 N. Main Street
Ann Arbor
6:30 p.m.

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