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May 6, 2015 Ways and Means Agenda

                                                WAYS & MEANS COMMITTEE
                                                                 May 6, 2015
                                                                   6:30 p.m.
                                         Administration Building - Board Room
                                                           220 N. Main Street
                                                          Ann Arbor, Michigan

I. Roll Call
II. Citizen Participation
III. Commissioner Follow-up to Citizen Participation
IV. New Business
A. Board of Commissioners
 1. Board of Commissioners
 a. Tom Hickner, Bay County Executive
             PA 139 Presentation and Q&A
 b.  County Governance Structure
  -Transitioning the form of County government from a general law county to an optional unified form of county government
  -Conditioned upon voter approval  of the change
 c.  RFP for County Administrator Search
  -Authorizing an RFP for Executive Search Services
  -Executive search firm will conduct discussions with the BOC and Human Resources identifying characteristics of ideal candidate, identify potential candidates, screen candidates, conduct reference checks, and  support compensation discussions if requested
B.  Economic Development
 1. Office of Community and Economic Development
 a. Community Advisory Committee Platt Road Recommendations
  -Adopting the recommendations from the Community Advisory Committee for the disposition of the Platt Road property
 -Directing the Office of Infrastructure Management and the Office of Community and Economic Development to jointly explore strategies to develop the site consistent with the principles developed or affirmed through the charrette process
  Principles for the development of the site include:
- Integration with neighborhood
- Mixed income development
- Varied types and forms of housing for people of different ages
- Use of green technologies and sustainable design
- Promotion of pedestrian and alternative transportation methods
  Plans and strategies developed would be presented to the Board of Commissioners prior to execution
 b.  Act 88 Advisory Committee Project Recommendations
  -Approving funding allocations for 2015 Act 88 local economy projects as recommended by the Act 88 Advisory Committee as identified through the RFP Process
 -Authorizing the Office of Community and Economic Development to execute contracts pursuant to these projects
 -The Act 88 Advisory Committee annually reviews applications, recommends funding, and evaluates recipients for revenue generated through the Act 88 millage
 -60% ($613,367) of annual millage revenues raised are distributed to outside agencies via  an annual and multi-year grant process; in 2015
     - $206,000  was allocated to SPARK, VantagePort, and MSU Extension in resolution No. 14-0213
     - $407,367 through committee recommendations based on an RFP process
  The committee recommends awarding up to $406,961in funding for six projects:
 $21,390 to the Ecology Center to investigate a local food purchasing incentive program
 Up to $68,571 to the Eastern Michigan University Foundation to support the “LiveYpsi” home purchase incentive program and to support the administration and operations of the Eastern Leaders Group
 $37,000 to Growing Hope to develop multi-lingual advertising of local food services, to support capacity building projects of local food businesses, to develop three signature food related events in Ypsilanti, to develop a county-wide farmers markets advertising campaign, and to provide assistance services to farmers market managers
 $40,000 to the Michigan Land Use Institute to develop a community wide local food advertising campaign
 $50,000 to the Michigan State University Extension to support the 4-H youth program, youth show, assistance for agricultural and food business entrepreneurs, and  community education programs
 $190,000 to SPARK to support countywide baseline economic development activities and the SPARK East business incubator
 The $405 which remains unallocated will remain in the Act 88 fund balance to support future projects
C.  Public Safety & Justice
 1. Children’s Services
 a. State of Michigan Council of Arts and Cultural Affairs (MCACA) Grant
  Ratifying the submission of an electronic grant application
 To the State of Michigan Council of Arts and Cultural Affairs (MCACA)
 For the period of June 1, 2015, through September 30, 2015
  -To continue support of the Youth Arts Alliance (YAA!), a partnership between Washtenaw County Children’s Services, the Monroe County Youth Center, the Lenawee County Maurice Spear Campus, the Livingston County Juvenile Court, and the Jackson County Youth Center
 -To serve at-risk youth who are in residential treatment and detention programs with performing arts, music and visual art workshops
 -To specifically focus on providing TechArt workshops that allow youth to express themselves in arts & animation, video production, video game design and audio engineering
  -Over 250 youth received art programming services with a grant amount of $21,980 in 2014 through the five county partnership
 Expecting to serve 250 in 2015
  For a total program of $20,000
- State Revenue: $20,000
- County Match: $0
  Indirect costs are not included in this budget
  Upon receipt of the award:
- Authorizing the Chair of the Board to sign the Notice of Grant Award
- Authorizing the Administrator to amend the budget
- Authorizing the Administrator to sign delegate contracts
V. Report of the Administrator
VI. Report of the Chair of Ways & Means
VII. Report of the Chair of the Board
VIII. Items for Current/Future Discussion
IX. Pending
X. Adjournment
Next Ways & Means Meeting
May 20, 2015
Board Room
220 N. Main Street
Ann Arbor
6:30 p.m.

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