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September 17, 2014 Ways and Means Agenda

September 17, 2014
6:30 p.m.
Administration Building - Board Room
220 N. Main Street
Ann Arbor, Michigan

I.  Roll Call
II.  Citizen Participation
III.  Commissioner Follow-up to Citizen Participation
IV.  New  Business

A.  Health

1.    Public Health

a.  Appointment of Deputy Medical Examiner

  • Confirming the appointment of Allecia M. Wilson, M.D., as Deputy Medical Examiner for Washtenaw County
  • As recommended by County Medical Examiner, Dr. Jeffrey Jentzen.
  • As County Medical Examiner functions are carried out through contractual agreements with the University of Michigan Health System, this appointment will not impact the budget nor require any position modification

RECOMMENDATION: Approval at Board

B.  Civic Infrastructure

1.    Clerk/Register of Deeds

a. P.A. 283 Millage  (Letter of Transmittal)  (Project Map)

  • Approving a tax of 0.5 mills
  • Using the authority provided by Public Act 283 of 1909
  • To keep public roads, streets, paths, bridges and culverts already built in reasonable repair, and in condition reasonably safe and fit for public travel in the county's cities, villages, and townships
  • A levy of 0.5 mills would generate approximately $7,085,000
  • Millage would be levied in December 2014 for use in 2015 on identified projects by the Washtenaw County Road Commission
  • If approved, the levy would cost a homeowner $50 for every $100,000 of the home's taxable value


C.  Public Safety 

1.    Sheriff

a. Bureau of Justice Assistance, Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG)  (Program Narrative)  (Budget)  (Budget Narrative)

  • Ratifying the signature of the County Administrator on the grant application
  • To the Federal Bureau of Justice Assistance
  • For the period of October 1, 2014 through September 30, 2014
  • To continue the Community Outreach Program aimed at addressing root causes, build community resident's capacity, and developing law-enforcement strategies to keep communities safe
  • The Community Outreach Program began in 2009 with JAG funding and indentities and trains former prisoners as they reenter neighborhoods and uses them to assist in relationship building, facilitating prevention programs for youth, assistance with a community revitalization strategy, and ongoing training for WCSO deputies
  • In 2013-14, the WCSO received $35,236 in JAG funding
  • For a total program of $37,595:
    - Federal Revenue: $37,595
    - County Match: $0
  • Indirect costs are not included in the budget
  • Upon receipt of award:
    - Authorizing the Administrator to sign the Notice of Grant Award
    - Amending the Budget
    - Authorizing the Administrator to sign delegate contracts


V. Report of the Administrator
VI. Report of the Chair of Ways & Means
VII. Report of the Chair of the Board
VIII. Items for Current/Future Discussion
IX. Pending
X. Adjournment
Next Ways and Means Meeting
October 1, 2014
Board Room
220 N. Main St.,
Ann Arbor
6:30 p.m.

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