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November 1, 2006
6:30 p.m.
Administration Building - Board Room
220 N. Main Street
Ann Arbor, Michigan


Roll Call


Citizen Participation


Commissioner Follow-up to Citizen Participation


New Business

Introduction to Jesse Bernstein, President of the Ann Arbor Area Chamber of Commerce


Health Community of Interest

Community Support and Treatment Services

One Year Lease at 1250 S. Main in Chelsea, MI

  • Authorizing the Chair of the Board to sign an 11-month lease
  • With Woollams Enterprises, LLC
  • For the period of 11/1/06 to 9/30/07
  • To provide a site for work and community integration activities
  • For 15-20 developmentally disabled consumers who live in the western and northwestern areas of Washtenaw County
  • Total annual lease cost is $33,600 (actual cost for the 11-month period is $30,800)

RECOMMENDATION: Approval at the Board


Planning and Environment Community of Interest

Environmental Health

Annual Environmental Health Services

  • Ratifying the signature of the Administrator on the contract
  • With the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
  • For the period 10/1/06 9/30/07
  • To fund programs to protect the safety of the air, water supply and sewage disposal in the County
  • For a total program of $515,478:
    -Revenue: $515,478
    -Indirect Costs: $0
  • Upon receipt of the award:
    -Authorizing the Administrator to sign the Notice of Grant Award
    -Amending the budget
    -Authorizing the Administrator to sign delegate contracts



Office of the Administrator

Administrators Office

  1. Presentation - Strategic Space Plan Recommendations
  1. Space Plan Approving Options and Funding Recommendations
  • Approving the space plan principles as outlined in the updated Space Plan document
  • Phase I construction:

- Expansion of jail beds (96 beds)- Jail infrastructure upgrades - Expansion of the support systems due to increase capacity

  • To be funded by 2006 bond issuance with annual debt service financed through capital reserves and police services savings
  • Phase I operating:

- Jail operating cost due to increased staffing and capacity- Implementation of Sequential Intercept Team (mental health diversion)

  • To be financed by police services savings
  • Phase II construction:

- Construction of 3 courtrooms and ancillary services for 14-A District Court adjacent to jail

  • To be funded by 2008 bond issuance with annual debt service financed through capital reserves
  • Phase III (2008-2014):

- Location of Juvenile Division of Family Court- Downtown Ann Arbor Courthouse renovation

  • Funding to be determined
  • Other Actions:

- Reconfiguration of 555 Towner into a health campus- Expansion of Harriet Street for ETCS staff and programs- Improve network connectivity- Establishment of a secure data center

  • No capital reserves to be used for these projects


  1. Space Plan Bond Issuance
  • Authorizing a Capital Improvement Project at a total cost not to exceed $21,675,000 to be provided by the proceeds from the sale of bonds
  • For the purpose of:

- Constructing a new jail housing pod with 96 beds- Completing all of the jail infrastructure upgrades as outlined- Expanding the jail support systems to meet capacity demands

  • Authorizing the Public Safety & Justice Committee to oversee the project
  • Issuing a Notice of Right to Petition for Referendum thereon



Report of the Administrator A. Report on overcrowding and jail population manager


Report of the Chair of the Board 


Items for Current/Future Discussion 


Citizen Participation 


Commissioner Follow-up to Citizen Participation 





November 15, 2006
Board Room
220 N. Main Street
Ann Arbor
6:30 p.m.

Next Agenda Meeting
November 8, 2006
Administration Building
220 N. Main Street
5:30 pm

For additional information, please call Washtenaw County Administration at (734) 222-6850 or email Tammy Richards at

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