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Board Agenda

May 1, 2002
6:30 p.m.
Washtenaw County Administration
220 N. Main Street
Ann Arbor, Michigan
  1. Roll Call
  2. Citizen Participation
  3. Commissioner Follow-up to Citizen Participation
  4. New Business:
    1. Community Support & Treatment Services (CSTS) Department
      Departmental Reorganization and Renaming
      • Changing the name of the Community Mental Health department to "Community Support and Treatment Services Department."
      • Confirming the Administrator's appointment of Donna Sabourin as Director of CSTS.
      • Approving a reorganization of CSTS, including: Adding 3.0 FTE's and reclassifying 7.0 FTE's. Reducing expenditures through the elimination of 0.5 FTE's, the addition of reimbursement revenue from WCHO, and the reduction of contractual services. The net cost of the reorganization, $42,000 per year, will be absorbed within existing budget.
      • Approving two new job descriptions for the CSTS Director position and for a Staff Child Psychiatrist.
      • Approve hire of Carole Ludwig above midpoint as a Mental Health Nurse for the Project Outreach team (PORT), due to her former experience in a similar position.
      RECOMMENDATION: Approval
    2. Emergency Management
      1. Annual Local Emergency Management Performance Grant
      • Authorizing the Administrator to sign the Grant Agreement with the Michigan Department of State Police, Emergency Management Division for pass-through FEMA funds.
      • Covers $38,608 of the Emergency Management Director's salary and fringe package.
      • Granting period is 10/1/01 - 9/30/02.
      • There is no local match.
      RECOMMENDATION: Approval
      2. State Domestic Preparedness Equipment Grant Agreement
      • Authorize the Administrator to sign the Grant Agreement with the Michigan Department of State Police, Emergency Management Division
      • Grant provides $65,616 of federal pass-through funds for the purchase of specialized emergency equipment that will enhance our response capabilities in the event of an act of domestic terrorism or incident involving weapons of mass destruction.
      • Grant period is 2/4/02 - 12/31/02.
      • The funding will be allocated to the following organizations: -Washtenaw County Hazardous Materials Response Team: $50,000 -Huron Valley Ambulance Hazardous Materials Response Team: $15,616
      • There is no local match.
      • Administrator is also authorized to amend the budget and sign the Notice of Grant Award
      RECOMMENDATION: Approval
    3. Public Health
      Annual Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) Application
      • Ratifying the signature of the County Administrator on the grant application to the Michigan Department of Community Health for the Victims of Crime Act annual grant for federal pass-through funding.
      • The total program amount is $142,939, and of which $114,351 will be funded by the grant.
      • There is an in-kind local match of $28,588 (volunteer hours).
      • The grant period is 10/1/02 - 9/30/03.
      • The grant supports the Sexual Assault Crisis Center, which provides victims of sexual assault with informed and supportive crisis counseling, reduces the effects of sexual victimization upon the survivor, and assists victims in their recovery from rape.
      • Upon receipt of the grant award the administrator is authorized to: o Sign the Notice of Grant Award, amend the budget, and sign delegate contracts. o Continue two grant-status positions: Volunteer Services Coordinator Adolescent Services Coordinator
      RECOMMENDATION: Approval
    4. Sheriff Reorganization of Dispatch Operations
      • The Sheriff is requesting a reorganization that will:o Create 4 Dispatch Operations Supervisors positionso Create 1 Dispatch Operations Director positiono Eliminate 1 Dispatch Sergeant position (currently vacant)o Eliminate 1 Communications Operator II position (currently vacant)
      • The 2002 approved budget for Dispatch Operations included funding for additional supervisory personnel. As a result, the cost of these position modifications will be absorbed within the 2002 Dispatch budget.
      • The increase in supervisors will allow for "24/7" supervisory presence and more efficient and effective performance in handling emergency calls.
      RECOMMENDATION: Approval
  5. Report of the Administrator:
  6. Report of the Chair of the Board
  7. Items for Current/Future Discussion
  8. Citizen Participation
  9. Commissioner Follow-up to Citizens Participation
  10. Pending
  11. Adjournment May 15, 2002Board RoomCounty Administration Building6:30 p.m. Next Agenda MeetingMay 8, 2002Administration Conference Room5:00 p.m.
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