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Board Agenda

April 15, 1998 6:30 p.m. Board Room Washtenaw County Administration Building 220 N. Main Street Ann Arbor, Michigan
I. Roll Call
II. Citizen Participation
III. Commissioner Follow-up to Citizen Participation
IV. New Business:
A. Administration
  1. Executive Session
  *Tentative Agreement with Public Defender Association
  RECOMMENDATION: Materials to be distributed at the meeting.
  • Mental Health Deficit Elimination Plan
  •   *In the amount of $2.5 million 
    *Authorizing the County Administrator to take legal action against 
    the State of Michigan to collect past due funds
      RECOMMENDATION: Approval at the Board meeting
  • Credit Card Policy
  •   *Pilot Program for the purpose of issuance and the use of the County credit cards to selected County officers and employees 

    *Adopting the policy  

    *For better management of expenses with simplifying procedures, reduce the number of petty cash funds, simplify cash advances and enhanced authorization controls 

    *Cards accepted virtually anywhere we need to do business 

    *Timely electronic reporting   

      RECOMMENDATION: Approval 


    B.  Environment & Infrastructure Services - Public Works
      Continuing Disclosure of Milan Refunding Bonds
      *Approving the issuance of the Washtenaw County Water Supply System Refunding 


    *Prior to date of May 12, 1998 
    *Amount not to exceed $1,400,000

      RECOMMENDATION: Approval at the Board meeting
    C. Equalization
      1998 Equalization Report
      *Approving the 1998 Equalization Report
      RECOMMENDATION: Approval at the Board meeting. Report available on Monday, April 13th
    D. Public Health
      Maternal & Infant Advocacy (Outreach) Services (MIHAS)
      *For the transition of subcontracted MIHAS services with Child & Family Services to direct County MIHAS services to service high risk, low income women 
    *Creating six (6) 0.67 positions 
    -Grade 11, Group 12 
    -Salary Range: $21,353 - $25,974 
    *25 hours per week 
    *Amending the budget
      RECOMMENDATION: Approval
    E. Sheriff
      Community Policing Enhancement
      *To provide equipment for four mini-stations located in Ypsilanti Township neighborhoods to facilitate Sheriff Department accessibility in the community 
    *Ratifying the Administrator's signature on the grant application for funds (was due in Lansing on 4/3/98) 
    *From the Michigan Department of Community Health, Office of Drug Control Policy 
    *For the period 10/1/98 9/30/99 
    *In the amount of $40,810 
    -Match: $16,324 (contribution made by Sheriffs current budget) 
    -Indirect Costs: 0 
    *Upon receipt of the award: 
    -Authorizing the Administrator to sign the Notice of Grant Award 
    -Amending the budget 
    -Authorizing the Administrator to sign delegate contracts
      RECOMMENDATION: Approval

    V.  Report of the County Administrator

    VI.  Report of the Chair of the Board

    VII. Items for Current/Future Discussion

    VIII. Citizen Participation

    IX. Commissioner Follow-up to Citizen Participation

    X. Pending

    XI. Adjournment

      May 6, 1998 Next AGENDA meeting
    Board Room April 30, 1998
    County Administration Building Administration Conference Room
    6:30 p.m. 5:00 p.m.

      For additional information call Tammy Richards at (734)996-3055 or e-mail her at

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