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Process Milestones and Products

Administration has relied on long term budgeting and planning with detailed line-item budget balanced through fiscal year 2013, projected budgets through fiscal year 2015, fund balance projected several years into the future, budget development for the next cycle will extend projected budgets through fiscal year 2017. As a result of our focus on the long term view for our financial future, the Administrator's recommended budget will extend beyond a biennial budget and propose the County's first quadrennial multi-year 2014-2017 budget. The County has relied on long term budgeting and planning for several years. Multi-year budgeting anticipates and plans for financial challenges in advance and provides for a stable operating environment for programs to citizens. Under an expanded multi-year budget framework the County will retain financial strength and maintain essential services. Overall greater stability is provided for the organization with the potential for longer labor agreement periods, longer range planning allows for County leadership to focus on policy, strategic planning initiatives and overall direction, and longer term focus may result in a higher bond rating. An effective long term plan requires leadership, teamwork and a continuum of tools. A budget must have meaningful analysis and realistic budgetary data which the organization accepts and acts upon, leaders who possess the political will to make the tough decisions and an organization culture committed to change and with a focus on identifying opportunities for restructuring, reengineering and reducing.

The following process milestones and products are available for the current budget process:

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