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Roles, Repsonsibilities and Expectations

Board of Commissioners: Establish community priorities and provide direction to Administration

      • Determine desired community outcomes and services the county should provide to achieve them
      • Engage with community to gain their understanding and input
      • Review and modify Administrator’s Recommended Budget to ensure alignment with Board priorities

County Administration: Lead and support organization in the development of recommended budget

      • Provide simplicity and predictability in the process to the extent possible
      • Communicate and engage with all levels of the organization to gain their understanding and input
      • Reviewing and modify budget proposals made by Department Heads and Elected Officials to develop
      • Explain why decisions have been made and the anticipated impact of these decisions

Elected Officials & Department Heads: Fully engage in process

      • Generate ideas for operational and financial changes
      • Outline financial, organization and community impact of potential changes
      • Engage staff to ensure they understand the problem, have an avenue for being part of solution
      • Meet deadlines for all assignments

 Employees: Stay informed and in the “know”

      • Ask questions for clarification and complete understanding
      • Offer suggestions to management
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