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BOC Budget Discussions

The Board of Commissioners will be considering budget issues regularly this year. The following is the schedule of those meetings. It is subject to change.

Check the Board of Commissioners' Agenda page on eWashtenaw for the latest information.

Meeting Agenda Topics for 2012/2013 Budget Development:

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January 19th

Ways & Means

Financial State of County Presentation

Adoption of Budget Calendar and Guidelines



Memo and Resolution

January 29th




Developing a Shared Understanding of Personal Priorities

Establishing Budget Priorities: Community Impacts

Establishing Budget Priorities: Outcomes at the Service Area Group


February 9th

Continuation of Retreat

Discussing the Future of “County Business”


March 3rd

Working Session

 Community and Staff Engagement on Budget Discussion


March 16

Ways & Means

Adoption of Board Priorities

Memo and Resolution

April 20th

Ways & Means

Equalization Report Presentation

CAFR Presentation


May 4th

Ways & Means

Revised Financial State of the County Presentation

1st Quarter Budget Update Presentation


August 3rd

Ways & Means

2nd Quarter Budget Update Presentation

September 7th

Ways & Means

Presentation of the Administrator's Recommended Budget


September 21st

Board Meeting

Set Public Hearing on the 2012/2013 Recommended Budget 



October 5th

Board Meeting

Public Hearing on the 2012/2013 Recommended Budget 


November 2nd

Ways & Means

Adoption of the Administrator’s Recommended Budget

3rd Quarter Budget Update Presentation


November 16th

Board Meeting

Adoption of the Administrator’s Recommended Budget

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