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2012/2013 Budget Planning Website

News and updates on the Washtenaw County Budget

I have been in public service for 36 years, 29 of which have been with Washtenaw County. I have been involved in the County’s budget planning process since the beginning of my tenure at Washtenaw County, but this is the first process where I was in the ‘hot seat’. During these tough economic times I’m reminded of why I wanted to be County Administrator, to make a positive impact on a community that I love. This position, this budget, gave me an opportunity to do just that – to find good in an otherwise difficult situation.

These two years, like the last several, are filled with significant economic challenges as the public need and demand for services continues to increase and resources continue to shrink. This community needs us now more than ever before. So it was important to me to build a budget that continues to allow us to provide the best services, the right services, in the most cost effective manner possible. This budget is critical to ensuring we make the best decisions for our community in this great time of need.

Each and every one of you to engaged in this process, shared your ideas, and remained informed.  I hope these budget web pages are informative and help you better understand our economic situation. If you need additional information, can’t find what you’re looking for or have suggestions, please contact Administration’s Elaine Holleran  at 222-6784.

Thank you for staying informed and for your continued commitment to serving the citizens of this great community.


 Verna McDaniel's Signature
Verna J. McDaniel, Washtenaw County Administrator

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