Already Been Cut or Adjusted

The following are some of the programs and expenses that have been reduced or adjusted to help balance the '09, as well as '10/'11 budgets.

  • Hiring Freeze & Long-Term Personnel reductions
  • Use of Non General Fund reserves
  • Transfer of Library for the Blind a Physically Disabled to the Ann Arbor District Library
  • Reduction of Non-mandated Program levels
  • Support Services Reductions
  • Reduced Benefit Levels for New Employees
  • Reduce Pay for Performance
  • Decreased Staff in Services Affected by Housing Market
  • Alignment of DPW, Soil Erosion and Water Management Departments
  • Lump Sum Reductions in Courts and Sheriff
  • Veterans Millage (1/40th of a mill in new funding for Veteran Services)
  • Reduced Support to Non General Fund departments
  • Reduced County Fleet Allocations 
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