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Budget Process, Structure & Principles

The Washtenaw County 2010/11 Budget Process is led by County Administration with all final decisions made by the County Board of Commissioners. This page provides the structure and principles that make up the process.

  • Budget Reduction Principles - A number of principles set up to guide the difficult task of balancing the 2010/2011 budget
  • Desired Outcomes for the Budget Process
    • Implement $26 million in budget adjustments by 2011.
    • Engage the entire organization throughout the process.
    • Create adjustments that reflect the priorities of our County Board of Commissioners.
    • Preserve as many services to the public as possible.
    • Set the organization on a continued course of fiscal stability.
  • Budget & Strategy Team - Bob Guenzel, Sheriff Jerry Clayton, Water Resources Commissioner Janis Bobrin, Verna McDaniel, David Behen, Pete Ballios, Diane Heidt, Bob Tetens, Anthony VanDerworp, Jennifer Watson, Joanna Bidlack, Scott Patton and Andy Brush
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