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News and Updates on the Washtenaw County Budget

I have been in public service for 40 years, 33 of which have been with Washtenaw County.  I have been involved in the County's budget planning process since the beginning of my tenure at Washtenaw County, and am proud to be leading the development of Washtenaw County's third four-year budget.  The new normal of our economy has forced Washtenaw County to re-think how we conduct business.  Reduced property tax revenues, changes in State funding levels and increased demands on services caused significant and painful decisions to be made in our 2010/2011, 2012/2013, and our 2014-2017 budgets.  Through honest communication and hard work with our partnering departments and elected officials, we were able to reduce expenses while maintaining serviceability levels.

Although our past budget struggles have been challenging, the County has responded well and is financially sustainable as reflected in the approval of our second balanced quadrennial 2015-2018 budget, an upgrade to a AAA bond rating, a General Fund unreserved fund balance amount above the Board of Commissioners adopted policy, low debt ratio, and a year-end surplus for fiscal year 2014.  We must ensure we continue to build upon this solid foundation as we move forward to maintain our fiscal stability.

As we shift our focus on Community Impacts and Investments it's important to me to build a budget that allows us to provide the best services, the right services, and in the most cost effective manner possible.  This budget is critical to ensuring we make the best decisions for our community in this great time of need. We can be successful, but only if we work together.  I hope these budget web pages are informative and help you better understand our financial situation.  If you need additional information, can't find what you're looking for or have suggestions, please contact Administration's Lisa Moutinho at 222-6731.

Thank you for staying informed and for your continued commitment to serving the citizens of this great community.


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