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Vision & Guiding Principles

Washtenaw County Vision:

Washtenaw County will be a world class service provider. To do this we must be a leader in:

  • Developing innovative prevention approaches to dealing with governmental responsibilities
  • Facilitating cooperation and collaboration aimed at enhancing services
  • Increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of mandated services

The foundation of this vision is:

  • Sound fiscal management so we can rise above a "crisis" mode and have long-term stability
  • An inspired and involved workforce equipped with the skills, knowledge and resources to provide world class service

County Guiding Principles:

  1. Ensure long term fiscal stability for the County.
  2. Reduce the cost of conducting the County's business.
  3. Enhance customer service.
  4. Provide the necessary knowledge, skills and resources to County employees to carry out these principles.
  5. Ensure adequate provision of mandated services.
  6. Focus on the root causes of problems that affect the quality of life of County citizens by aggressively pursuing prevention strategies
  7. Provide leadership on intragovernmental, intergovernmental and intersectoral cooperation and collaboration aimed at improving services to County citizens.
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