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Website Content Caching

In July of 2009, Washtenaw County instituted some performance tuning changes to hosted websites. This was done as a result of slow performance experienced by website visitors. Your websites should be faster and more reliable, but there will be a 10 minute delay in viewing published changes.

We have been monitoring performance of the websites hosted by Washtenaw County.  Lately we have been experiencing slowness and intermittent down times. Weve made several changes over the last several months to improve performance and have made some progress, but felt the need to make things even faster and more reliable.

We think that we have solved these performance problems, but need you to know how the changes will affect your work and we need your feedback on performance.

  • There will be a 10 minute lag time between the time you publish something and the time it actually appears on the site for the public to see.
  • In order to confirm your changes, please use "Save View" before you publish you project to confirm your changes.

If you have any questions about this,Just contact the 1Washtenaw Help Desk at 734-222-3737 or email

PS - for anyone technically inclined, We have implemented 'caching' on our sites. Cache is pronounced like cash and easily as valuable because time is money.

From Wikipedia on Cache:

a cache is a temporary storage area where frequently accessed data can be stored for rapid access. Once the data is stored in the cache, it can be used in the future by accessing the cached copy rather than re-fetching or recomputing the original data.

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