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1Washtenaw Professional Development

Washtenaw County government is pleased to provide learning opportunities to local governments in support of 1Washtenaw . These classes are designed to assist local units in the development and maintenance of their web presence. Professional Development staff are eager to assist you with your professional development needs. To schedule classes, or for further information, please contact Linda Wicks at 973-4590 /


New!  "Self-Service" catalog of classes and registration 

Please contact Professional Development at 973-4590 ( to have an individual login assigned to you.  With this individual login you may self-register for classes and receive an automatic confirmation.  You may also view your training transcript and current registrations - and put a "course alert" on programs not currently offered - to be notified when a class is next scheduled.

Professional Development Catalog of Courses
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Contact Professional Development for your individual login/password and/or registration - 734- 973-4590

Professional Development Online


Online Bloodborne Infectious Diseases Training 2014

Bloodborne Infectious Diseases Online Training
Agency Use Agreement Letter 2014


Bloodborne Infectious Diseases Training 2009


  • Fred Pryor - Managing Your Emotions Under Pressure  
         Friday  November 14, 2014, 9am-4pm
  •  Courses of special interest!

    Fred Pryor

    Zope (Website Editor) Training

    Basic Zope content management training is available to Local Units of Government at the County Learning Resource Center every other month.  Any local unit of government staff who are or will be working on a web site are eligible to take this basic workshop.  Staff who have already been trained may re-take this training.  Please contact Andy Brush  (222-6517) with questions about this training. Sessions are limited to a maximum of six people, pre-registration is required and sessions start on time.  Contact Washtenaw County Professional Development to Register / 734-973-4590.

    2014 Zope Training Dates  (1:00pm-4:00pm)

    • Friday, December 19,2014


     Zope Web Content Software

    2014 PLONE Web Content Training

    10/17/14  9am-12pm LRC TechLab
    11/20/14  1pm-4pm  LRC TechLab
    12/19/14  9am-12pm  LRC TechLab
    1/15/15  1pm-4pm  LRC TechLab
    2/20/15  9am-12pm LRC TechLab
    3/19/15  1pm-4pm LRC TechLab
     4/17/15 9am-12pm JDE  CRP Room
    220 North Main 
    5/21/15 1pm-4pm JDE  CRP Room
    220 North Main 
    6/19/15 9am-12pm JDE  CRP Room
    220 North Main 
    7/16/15 1pm-4pm LRC TechLab
    8/21/15 9am-12pm LRC TechLab
    9/17/15 1pm-4pm LRC TechLab
    10/16/15 9am-12pm LRC TechLab
    11/19/15 1pm-4pm LRC TechLab
    12/18/15 9am-12pm LRC TechLab


     PLONE Web Content Management
    Google Translate