Geographic Information Services of Washtenaw County

Information page for the CVTGIS viewer

The CVTGIS viewer provides access to the latest parcel maps and property data available from Washtenaw County through an interactive map viewer. The viewer shows a variety of property data for the entire county including parcels, aerial photos, topography, schools, and natural features.


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This site requires Silverlight from Microsoft. Silverlight is a cross-platform plugin that works in all browsers, on a Mac or a PC (Linux coming soon via Moonlight 4). If you do not have Silverlight installed you will receive an installation prompt


To check if you have MS Silverlight installed, go to Control Panel --> Add/Remove Programs, and look for Microsoft Silverlight in the programs listing. If you do not have Silverlight installed do one of the following:


  • IF YOU ARE CONNECTED TO WASHTENAW COUNTY'S DOMAIN -- add Silverlight by going to Control Panel --> Add or Remove Programs --> Add New Programs (on the left-hand side), then find Microsoft Silverlight from the list and click Add.
  • IF YOU ARE OUTSIDE WASHTENAW COUNTY'S DOMAIN -- Please visit to get installation instructions.


Authorization and Documentation

Access to the CVTGIS viewer requires a login. If you have not already received credentials for entry into the site, please contact Nate Arnold at or 734-222-6792 to register.




We've set up a collection of screencasts showing you how to use CVTGIS. Please visit the training video page here

Read our guide on how to use the CVTGIS application here.



Are you using BS&A Assessing? 

Pervasive Assessing

You can link directly to the new mapping site by using this format:,PIN,<PARCEL>

Put this text into the Program Management --> Accessory Programs --> Mapping system URL box in BS&A Assessing.  Your Map button will then automatically zoom to the selected parcel when the site launches. 


.NET Assessing

The steps to enable the Map It button are: 

  1. Launch the Equalizer Application. 
  2. Go to Program Setup. 
  3. Go to Tab 2 “Program Settings”. 
  4. Go to the “General Settings” button. 
  5. To the right of the heading “Custom Mapping System URL” towards the bottom of the page is a text box 
  6. In that box, type the following exactly as it appears below:,PIN,<parcel> 

Be sure to watch for the proper capitalization and include all symbols, such as question marks (?), equals signs (=), and angle brackets (< >). You may wish to copy the URL above and paste it into the appropriate place in your Equalizer program. 



The information provided through this mapping application is for informational purposes only and are provided without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. The map layers are compiled from a variety of sources and should not be used for site-specific decision making.


***** Iagree to these terms. Launch the CVTGIS viewer. *****


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