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About the GIS Department

The Washtenaw County GIS Program is a county program housed in the Information and Technology Division of Support Services.

Our mission is to create a comprehensive Geographic Information System (GIS), that will encourage collaboration between Washtenaw County and local public and private interests, and as a result will allow for more effective and efficient decision making at both the county and local levels.

To facilitate the implementation of a county-wide GIS, the Washtenaw County Geographic Information System Program staff collaborates with County departments, non-profit agencies and local units of government to determine GIS application, staffing, professional development, software and hardware needs. The GIS program coordinates the development of GIS standards and data exchange policies and procedures for in-County and out-County agencies and provides technical support to the townships, cities and villages that comprise Washtenaw County.

To learn more about GIS technology  click here .

For more information on the county GIS Program please browse our website or feel free to contact Kimberly Wraight (GIS Coordinator) at .
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